Sunday, December 18, 2016

BlacChyna Returns To Strip Club After Ditching Rob! Calls Him Fat, Lazy, Insecure...

Whether or not this is a publicity stunt like many are saying, one thing is certain, Blac Chyna has returned to her old ways after ditching fiance Rob!
Apparently the club had been calling her all this while. The new mom has returned to her strip club and even has a show scheduled already for the 7th of January in Las Vegas.

Early this morning Rob Kardashian cried out that Blac Chyna left him stranded, carted away his properties and his 5weeks baby.

Little wonder Blac Chyna was so keen on getting her body back. She was planning a big return to the strip club.

Although the mother of two has made no comment regarding the break up, she did one thing; she disabled comments on her Instagram page, an indication that she has no time for comments.
Her chat with her friend has also surfaced online where she revealed her plans to ditch Rob like she ditched Tyga.
She calls him fat, insecure and lazy, she also revealed that she's piling up cash for herself and her kids!

Fingers are crossed however. We wait to hear from Blac Chyna.
Meanwhile, the flier for her club event is out!

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