Sunday, December 18, 2016

Breaking! Blac Chyna Ditches Rob, Carts Away His Furnitures And His 'Dream'!

Just a month after having his child Dream Kardashian, Blac Chyna has shown the world how he truly feels about Rob Kardashian; the father of her 5 weeks baby.
Not that she did not leave a warning, but we took the warning to mean something entirely.
A couple of days ago, Blac Chyna dropped a note on Instagram saying she would like to open up on her true feelings for her fiance, we believed it was all love. Well, we had the right to believe so as she had just gifted her boo a 2017 Range Rover SUV.

This morning however, Rob has spilled his own heart and guts on Instagram and Snapchat after Blac Chyna allegedly left his house with his Dream, that's his daughter and his furniture.

Who would have thought these were Blac Chyna's true feelings for Rob?
According to Rob, he had accidentally seen his fiancée's message to a friend that she planned to be with Rob for only a year.
"She couldn't even wait for a year" the heartbroken Rob lamented.

Rob Kardashian weeps that she has just stolen his ego and his dream and his daughter Dream!

He had thought this was the best year of his life only for Angela to ruin it with this.
This is totally different from what these two have portrayed to the public in recent times, their world had seemed like a paradise to us, until this!

Rob Kardashian seemed really out broken and he maintains it is not a stunt as all he wants is his daughter.

The Kardashian sisters might now be in the position to spill their 'I told you so' 
"This is a woman I fought my family to be with" he lamented
In Rob's post, he revealed that Chyna has blocked him on all avenues.

This is sad and somehow strange. 
We thought this was paradise, but apparently, it wasn't! But again, Blac Chyna warned us, we only did not take it seriously!



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