Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Corporate Begging On Instagram: A Norm Or A Flaw

The social media is the most recent avenue and platform for corporate begging for those who find the idea of 'begging' appealing.
Fans shamelessly go on Instagram to 'beg' celebrities for one item or the other and some times, some go as far as begging for money citing reasons of a sick family member or an outstanding bill to be paid.

Many times some display little shame and slide into the DM of the targeted celebrity, begging for anonymity while going about the business of begging.
It is shocking what some fans beg for... Not long ago, a fan publicly begged Linda Ikeji in the comment section for her used hair saying she needed it for Christmas, other commenters insulted her for this act but the young lady was unperturbed as she even did a follow up, reminding the blogger days later that she was still waiting.

Another fan begged Toke Makinwa for N10K to pay some bills in school, the media girl obliged her right there in the comment section and this turned out to be a mistake as hundreds of others started whining for money too, some went as far as begging for the shoes she wore in the posted picture.

I remember a particular lady who asked Tolu Demuren Toolz shortly after her wedding to gift her with the beads she wore for her traditional wedding. Toolz response still rings in my ear till date. She stated categorically that she was keeping the beads for her daughter and she directed her to the place she made the coral beads.

Now this post by Toolz again caught my attention, a fan asking Tolu to part with the Tosho Woods dress she wore for Olamide's Concert!

What is it with this corporate begging? Is it alright or am I just being different? Is it OK to pester your celebs for ear rings, neck chains, shoes, weaves, clothes and money.

Recently, Don Jazzy gifted a devoted fan with the sum of N250,000 to start a business after she asked for it in a tweet. Several thousands begged Don Jazzy for theirs that same day.
Is this phenomenon a norm or a flaw? Well, for those who practice this act, how do we feel when the said celeb publishes our names for the world to see saying that we have joined the world of corporate begging?

Yes, there are definitely some people who would rather die than corporately beg for alms on a celebrity's page.

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