Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Freed Chibok Girls Did Not Get Home For Christmas - Families Cry Out

Families of the 21 "Chibok girls" freed in October by Islamist group Boko Haram say that their children were only brought 'home' to Chibok but not allowed to go home to their families for Christmas.

Boko Haram kidnapped 276 girls in April 2014, but freed 21 of them in October after negotiations with the Red Cross. The freed girls have been in government custody since their release but were brought home to Chibok for Christmas.

Family members have reached out to news agencies that they could only smell of her children but have not been n able to get close to them. According to reports, these girls are presently housed at a copy retain 'big' politician's (an assembly member) house in the town and heavily guarded by security men.

They were also prevented from attending church services with their families.
"I can't believe my daughter has come this close to home but can't come home," said one father.

"There's no point bringing them to Chibok only to be locked in another prison. They couldn't even go to church on Christmas Day."
Another said a soldier had confiscated his phone when he tried to take a picture of his daughter.

He said: "I snapped picture of myself and my daughter but the security guys came and grabbed me by shoulder and snatched the phone from my hands and told me to delete all the picture I took.
"I told him I'm taking a picture with my daughter who was away for more than two years. He said to me that's not his business, he deleted all the pictures including other pictures that were not taken there." He lamented.

A statement from the office of state governor Kashim Shettima acknowledged that "armed soldiers... escorted the 21 girls to Chibok and remain their strict guards throughout the Christmas".

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