Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Here Is Why We Think Rob And Chyna Fooled Us!

For a couple of days, the story of TV reality stars Rob Kardashian and his fiancee Blac Chyna has been trending online both nationally and internationally after the alleged crash of their 'beautiful' love life.

More shocking than the news of the  breakup is the fact that prior to the 'breakup' the duo could barely keep away from each other. Their PDA became relationship goals for many from near and far.

Blac Chyna got her man a 2017 Range Rover days after Rob got her a Bugatti! Their snapchats just a day before the drama were loving and beautiful.

Then came Rob Kardashian's outburst of heartbreak on Sunday. We smelled a rat but our curiosity got the best of us.

While Rob was lamenting and sharing his woes on the social media, the mother of his child kept mum and decided not to respond at all.

Yesterday, just a day after his outburst, Rob comes back to say "sorry" to Blac Chyna, claiming he has issues and Blac Chyna is actually not the user he tagged her during his outburst.
"She is a good mother to our child and I love her" he claims.

Now, what is going on here? Are these two using us for their ratings? Did we fall for it?
Maybe we did!


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