Saturday, December 31, 2016

I Suffered For The Sins Of My Father - Gumsu Sanni Abacha

Daughter of late former Nigeria head of state General Sanni Abacha, Gumsu has finally spoken out on the attacks and pains that came upon them for being the children of the late dictatorial ruler Abacha.

Gumsu Abacha who lives in Paris with her family confirmed that it took her time to develop a thick skin for the attacks.
According to her, no one considered that she never received a salary when her father was in office, or the fact that she did not choose to be Abacha's child; all the nation cared about was the fact that they were offsprings of a man that tormented them, hence should be tormented.

Gumsu revealed that for a long time, they all his their heads in shame suffering for their father's alleged sins.
She also prayed that the time would come when Nigeria would stop punishing the children for the 'perceived sins' of their fathers.

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