Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Jennifer Lopez And Drake Cuddle Up In New Photos... Are Sparks Flying?

If these new sets of pictures from 47 year old singer Jennifer Lopez and 30 year old superstar Drake are anything to dwell upon, then love might be in the air.

It all began when Jennifer Lopez took to Instagram on December 11 sharing a picture from her show where she shared a selfie with the rapper. JLo made her caption very simple, simply stating that Drake showed up at her show to say 'Hi'.

From all indications however, these two have metamorphosed from just saying 'Hi' to sharing cuddles.
This morning Jennifer share the picture above on her page and left it without a caption leaving millions of fans with wild imaginations.

Well, it didn't stop there, Drake shared the exact picture on his page at the exact hour that JLo shared hers and also left it without a caption leaving his fans to guess and imagine.

Is love in the air? We thought Drake and Rihanna were an item, apparently not... If these two are the newest couple in town, then congratulations to them.
Not to forget that Drake has been linked romantically with Nicki minaj, Serena Williams, Rihanna and now its JLo!
We are still watching though...

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