Wednesday, December 28, 2016

OLIC3; A Major Disappointment! Nigeria OAP Blasts Olamide

A Radio presenter at Nigeria Info FM Adenike Oyetunde has shared her opinion on Olamide's OLIC that held in Lagos on Monday.
Her views which were shared via a post on her Instagram page describes her disappointment at the show.

 In her statement, OLIC2 was one of the best show of all times but OLIC3 rather than improve on last year's show greatly depreciated.

According to Nike, the concert was not a 'Live' concert as advertised but a CD concert. She also mentioned that the sound system even frustrated the efforts of those who tried to give live performances like Adekunle Gold. "collect your money from those sound people" she advised Olamide.

She also commented that the comedy intermissions were too much and the meaning of LIVE performance was lost.
"By the way, were you at Asa's show? If not please watch the CD. That's what a Live In Concert is about" she wrote.

The OAP admits that she cannot hide her disappointment as Olamide had one year to plan a good show but failed to plan.
Meanwhile the comment section has been ablaze with comments since Adenike shared these views. While some agreed with her, some felt she was just being loud as OLIC was a perfect show.

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