Friday, December 30, 2016

Pay Me For Publicity - Dino Melaye Tells Sahara Reporters

Kogi west Senator Dino Melaye has once again come for Omoyele Sowore the CEO and brain behind popular news agency Sahara Reporters.

Dino Melaye who has always insisted that the news agency deliberately uses him to bring traffic to the site has tweeted that since he is their means if traffic they should start paying him.

Sahara Reporters is one agency that is known for spilling dirty contents of most politician's closets regardless of who they are or the posts they hold.

In times past Dino Melaye has called that the CEO of the agency Sowore be cautioned as he is always telling lies about him.
However, despite the attempt to curb online news agencies, Sahara Reporters has only grown.

Meanwhile, Senator Dino believes Sahara Reporters has a personal vendetta against him.

"Anytime Sahara Reporters popularity or patronage drop, they use Dino Melaye to attract traffic. Free publicity but you must start paying me" he tweeted.

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