Friday, December 23, 2016

Two Divas Who Rock Instagram More Than They Rock The Screen!

Without doubt, these two Nollywood divas Rukky Sanda and Chika Ike are gorgeous queens who have all it takes to be the belle that they are.

They began their careers as Nollywood goddesses, they grew to be celebrated stars in the movie industry...

Both are beautiful and super sexy! In fact, in the past couple of years they have grown to be breathtakingly beautiful just as we see less and lesser of them on the Nollywood screen.

These single ladies Rukky and her colleague Chika have dwindled considerably in the roles they take in Nollywood, but this has not stopped their shine!

These ladies are rocking the most expensive of everything: from their wardrobe to their cars! The interior of their homes are superb and cosy.

Not only this, they are also rocking their Instagram pages with the finesse of the divas that they are.

Well, not that we are prying or gossiping, we just wonder if they have left Nollywood for good and delved into other lucrative businesses like let's say: running a boutique or salon?
But since they haven't advertised anything of such, we can only believe their only business is acting.

Chika Ike on her part already has a reality TV show, well, that is a business. Rukky Sands has a foundation, that also is a business.
There could be more but these are the ones we know!
The truth is: from the look of all things, their other businesses pay more!

All hail the beautiful, sexy and multi talented divas... Rukky and Chika!

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