Friday, December 23, 2016

Why I Think Phyno's Headies Plaque Will Be Thrown In The Trash!

Song Of The Year in any award is not an ordinary category, in fact, it is one of the most coveted, as important as the Artiste of the Year. So when indigenous rapper Phyno was nominated in that category, we expected him to show some excitement at least except we are right and the Headies means nothing to him.
Furthermore, if we were wrong about the initial assumption of 'no excitement', none was shown either last night when the rapper was declared as the winner of that award.
First he showed no excitement like his colleagues who actually pleaded with their fans to vote for them, Phyno did no begging, no 'please let's bring this home' at any time. Maybe he was sure the plaque belonged to him.
Secondly, even if the excitement of nomination did not rob on him, how about the joy of winning?
If Phyno's walk to the stage was anything to go by, then, that plaque would most likely sleep in his garage with unwanted items.
Did anyone catch his acceptance/ thank you speech?
It plainly showed he was just at the show to watch the show... His speech was not just non chalant, but totally a no-no!
For someone who just won a major award, we think he could have done better than "I no get anything to say o, thank you for the award"
For Song Of The Year? No, we were expecting an A4 paper on that stage, we were expecting him to exhaust his vocabulary and switch to his native language but Phyno "no get anything to say"!
From all indications, the Fada Fada crooner wasn't there for the award.
OK, let's say we are mistaken on all accounts so far, why isn't the plaque making a special appearance on his Instagram page now?
See, we are right, this man has no mad feelings for the Headies!

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