Sunday, January 22, 2017

25 Years And Still Serving Goals! They Literally Can't Stop Touching... These 10 Photos Are Proofs!

If there was one thing the Obama couple left for the world to ponder and ruminate on after their departure, it is their unflinching family values and their obvious love and devotion for each other.

Twenty five years and still serving goals. To this couple,  every look is meaningful, every touch deliberate. They probably would not be able to live without each other.
Despite their position and power,  Barack Obama and his wife Michelle never took their relationship for granted.
They are the envy of many. They became couple goals to many. Their pictures depict their depth of love for each other.
They steal looks, steal touches and smiles... These ten pictures should portray what we are talking about. If there is something we would miss,  it is these magnetic couple!

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