Thursday, January 12, 2017

A Father Did This To His Own Son, Locked Him Out And Slept Peacefully? As How?

As how?  I ask again!  How can a man do this to his own son of less than 7 years just because he went to play with his friends outside the compound.
Meanwhile while trying to decipher what would make a sane man do this,  I gathered that the man in mentally unstable and has refused treatment.

This incident happened in Owerri. According to reports,  the boy Chinaecherem went to play with his friends but on returning, his father pounced on him and brutally injured him like this.

After the beating, he threw him out of the house and locked the door leaving the poor bottom sleep outside bleeding and shivering with cold!!!

Neighbors who saw Chinaecherem this morning took him to the hospital for treatment. It was also confirmed that the boy has marks of constant abuse on his body thanks to his father.
This boy's mother was driven away when the boy was just four months old and disallowed from leaving with her son.
Very sad.

The sharer is however calling on help for the boy,  before the constant brutal beatings result in his death.

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