Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Dear Nigeria Leaders, Who Will Miss You When You Leave? - Bose Bamidele

This is a question we can't help but ask our Nigerian leaders after closely watching the tenure of outgoing American President Barack Obama in the past eight years and the great Climax at his farewell gathering last night in Chicago.

When this Black man won the election eight years ago and became the President of America, hopes were rekindled as every black man's dream had come to pass.  He had their mandates and he knew their dreams.
Today,  we can say that Obama did not trash their hopes,  he did not destroy their faith,  rather,  he renewed them and even bought over the sceptical ones to himself.
America's outgoing President is an embodiment of class, dignity, family values,  love and great strength not forgetting power!
He got things done, not once was a scandal attached to his name,  his wife's or his two beautiful daughters'.
This family did not get drunk on power, did not build ten stars hotels, or buy towns in their father land.  A more focused President had never ruled.
Last night,  at Obama's farewell gathering, the love his people have for him could be seen. Hankies were used sparingly as teary eyes were mopped. It was almost like a Lover's farewell. I also grabbed the hem of my garment,  couldn't help the tears. 
Not only this, the social media was ablaze with farewell messages from all corners of the world, many could not hide their feelings... "we will miss you Obama! " they cried.
Now,  it could be out of fear of the unknown or sadness for the departure of the known,  whichever it is,  Obama definitely  touched the world positively and the fear of an unknown future in the hands of the new President is enough to turn up the tear glands.
Naturally,  I turned this situation inwards and thought of our darling Nigeria.
How come it is natural that we send our own leaders off with sighs of relief and curses.  Sometimes we even use stones and sachet water!
When will Nigeria miss a President like the world is missing Obama already?
When will Nigeria be able to say " Now, that was a President! "
It's so unfortunate that everytime we raise our hopes, they crush it, then step on it to leave it crushed and like that it goes on.
Dear Nigeria leaders,  did you see Obama's farewell party?  What did you learn?  Of course your families would miss you being the President and your political party will miss you being in the seat of power... But asides these set of happily biased people,  will I miss you?
Who else will miss you?  And will there be tears of sadness when you leave or sighs of relief and more curses?
Please think...

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