Monday, January 16, 2017

Dear Young Boy, Please Let Me Be, I Didn't Kill You, But I'm Sorry You Died!

Your death mask won't stop haunting me, I wish I didn't see your badly scarred corpse. I wish I had saved you... I swear, I really wish I had. I didn't, now you are dead. So young, so healthy, so handsome, so tormented!

Your death mask was not beautiful, you cried to death,  you wished you weren't born, you wished you had a better life,  you wished I had saved you. But I didn't and I'm sorry... I'm so sorry.

I just want to close my eyes and not see you anymore. Please rest and forgive me for not saving you.

Monday,  January 16, 2017!
For the first time in many weeks, the sound of my alarm going off did not upset me, in fact, I woke up 45 minutes earlier than the clock. I was fine, I was healthy,  I was ready for the week!

I got to work fine and settled down well. I happen to have very lovely colleagues that I enjoy a good rapport with so trust me, the first hour was spent catching up on the weekend happenings.

Then it happened.

I took a stroll into the streets of Instagram and stumbled on the photo of a brutalized dead boy!  I didn't look at it  twice to know he was dead. I read the caption and dropped my phone.

His father and step mother killed him. The marks on his young body still scares me just thinking (I can't even stop the tears right now)
How did that boy survive such hatred before finally giving up the ghost.
How did he feel every morning waking up and facing such brutal animosity from his own parents!
Was he beaten with a rod, a chord, or an iron?

How was he beaten that badly, that life flew out of him? I shiver to think.

I began to cry. My colleagues took my phone to see what had upset me. They Oohed and Aahed appropriately but I was shedding tears.
They said "she's a mother,  so it's her maternal instincts acting"

Well yes, I am a mother but I did not cry as a mother,  I cried as a human who is tired of seeing violence especially against our children.
I want it to stop.

If the world has to end for it to stop,  then let it end already.
I am tired of seeing 3year old boys murdered with their private organ chopped off.
I am sick of seeing 3year olds having their eyes plucked off by animals in human flesh.
I will scream if another 2 year old girl is raped!

Please stop.
If you can bear the burden of not loving your neighbor as the Lord commanded, that's your problem.
How on earth can you bear the burden of these we have mentioned.

Stop please I am begging you.
If you know a parent who abuses his or her child, please report.
If you are a guardian, please, be kind.

I did not kill that boy, yet I cant rest,  do you know why?
It's my fault.
It's your fault.
It's our fault.

And his death mask is telling us.

(I'm sorry but if you are interested in seeing the photo of the boy,  instablog will oblige you... I can't...)

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Roy Egbodo said...

Hmmmmm....serious.touching story. Nice piece La'Bos