Sunday, January 1, 2017

Did Tayo Sobola Make A Statement With Her 5 in 1 Event?

Well, it seems to the sexy actress Tayo Sobola a.k.a Sotayogaga made a couple of statements with her 5 in 1 all white star studded party over the weekend.

The event which was a celebration of her birthday and the first year anniversary of her company Sotee Entertainment was well attended by friends and colleagues of the Bella character.

The actress made an appearance more like that of a bride, in an all white floor length bridal dress and even donned a tiara to co plete the bridal look.

This look in itself is a statement!
The actress also received a brand new G Wagon, an expensive automobile popular with top celebrities.

According to reports, the actress received the gift from an unknown person. If this is not another statement then...
Who noticed the birthday cake? Well, I did. A royal bridal cake standing in an all white and gold glory screaming 'wedding' 'wedding'.

Some weddings couldn't boast of such divine cake!

What is Tayo telling us?
What do you think she has s telling us?
If you think I'm reaching a conclusion here, think again, I'm not.
I just want to bring these bridal themed event to your notice in case you did not take note!

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