Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Did Timaya's Latest Controversy Cost Him His Instagram Account?

As we publish this, the Instagram account of the One and only Egberi papa of Bayelsa Timaya is totally empty,  this coming after the news of his alleged assault of a Journalist.

The singer who has achieved the great feat of 1million followers has deleted all his memories on the gram and is presently left with zero followers.

Is this an indication that Timaya really needs the anger management classes or he has simply followed the steps of other entertainers who deleted their posts on Instagram only to start posting them back in the pretenses of #throwbacks and #flashbacks?

Is it possible that Timaya was so angry that he unfollowed everyone and deleyed all posts?  Well if that was the case,  then our entertainers need to borrow ideas from Justin Bieber.
This young man got fed up with Instagram and without a care for his over 70million followers,  he deleted his account!

Still,  we want to give Timaya a benefit of the doubt, maybe he's been hacked!

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