Friday, January 6, 2017

Dija Shuns Haters Who Said She Married Secretly With Details Of Her Lavish Wedding.

When news of Mavin princess Aphrodija's wedding hit the media in 2015, it was received with shock and dismay as no one saw it coming.
As a result of the suddenness, many online portal reported the wedding as a secret wedding.
Many even stipulated that the singer was pregnant and had to rush off to marry her lover in a secret and hush affair.

The singer unlike many other did not refute the viral reports and news. Not once did she make any comments until the birth of her son made the first statement for her way after nine months,  an indication  that the singer was everything but pregnant before marriage.

Then new questions were asked as to why she would have a secret affair if she wasn't pregnant except  she was marrying another woman's husband.

Dija indeed took her time then came out with a response for us all after close to two years, making statements in a single post of one simple caption.

First statement: To whom it may concern,  I had four changes of clothes at my wedding.  I'm sure we all know that only lavish weddings have the brides changing clothes up to four times,  so,  it was not a secret quiet wedding,  you were not just invited.

Second statement: If your husband  is missing,  check my husband's  photo! Well for a long time no one knew what Dija's husband looked like,  we even had to guess his nationality at some point. However,  with this picture, Dija introduces us to the king of her heart,  the one who is hers and hers alone.

Third statement: There was a photoshoot by popular celebrity photographer Bighstudios.
Well,  what else do we need to agree that although we were not informed,  something indeed went down at Dija 's wedding.

She was not pregnant,  she was not too poor she was not stealing another woman's husband...she just didn't want our aproko faces there!

Way to go girl...
For those who doubt,  you can indeed have that wedding of your dreams and still keep people away.

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