Monday, January 9, 2017

Guy Who Shared Unusual Photo With Grandma Shares Another...

A couple of days ago,  the viral picture of a Young man cuddling his 117 year old grandma was everywhere for all the wrong reasons.
Nigerians shunned their morals as they attacked the man who shared the picture with no thoughts of sentiments.

According to many comments,  the sharer also had no feelings to have shared a picture of his grandma looking 'dead'.  He was bashed mercilessly and the comments called even the poor 117 year old woman names.
Bolo  as the grandson is called is however undeterred by the hateful comments and criticism, to show this,  he has shared a new picture of himself with his grand mother again.
This time,  he has some clothes on and his grandma is sitting up and showing her features.
Bolo says he has no care for what the world says about his grandma, his love for her is unshakable.
Bolo and grandma

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