Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Matters Of The Heart With Labos: He Raped Me, Now I Love Him...

I never expected this to happen to me it it has and I don't even know what to do.
It all began one fateful afternoon several months after Samson slid into my DM on Instagram and became my online friend.

We had been communicating  incognito  for about five months without even knowing  each others real names when he suddenly made the move and offered to take me to the movies one day.
I accepted  the offer and on the set date,  we met at the appointed time and place.

It was one of the most exciting  days of my life,  I had fun. Samson was fun,  cute and a very interesting  person.  He was so charming,  opening doors and pulling chairs.  Making eye contact and making me feel beautiful. I wished the day would go on forever.

Without a single hesitation,  I gladly accepted another invitation,  this time to his apartment.  It was a cosy two bedroom  apartment,  scantily but nicely furnished.  He showed me around and offered me drinks.

We were chatting  animatedly when I noticed his hands were roaming over my body,  I pretended not to notice until he brushed his palm over my right breast and I became alerted.  Quickly I moved away from him and instantly  became uncomfortable.

He moved towards me and grabbed my face gently  but firmly as he began to kiss my face,  I begged him to stop, shouted at him to stop,  threatened him to stop but Samson did not.
He slept with me.  Angrily I left. Luckily I didn't get pregnant or STD.
I Stopped answering  his calls and blocked him everywhere.  He pestered me.  Begged me.  Wrote millions of letters.  Sent thousands  of SMS and even proposed by email!

That happened three months ago and he still sends me messages once a week. Initially  the messages came daily,  then dwindled to thrice a week,  now it's once.

The truth is I have fallen in love with him,  but I'm scared still.
This guy raped me. Can I forgive him and start a life with him?
I'm scared he'll rape my sister of maid one day!
He says he just couldn't help it, that he was only foolish to give him to the urge.

Still I'm scared.  What should I do?

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