Friday, January 13, 2017

Mc Galaxy Donates 1Million To Charity Hours After The Return Of MMM

Four weeks ago when the MMM Ponzi scheme announced the freezing of all accounts of its members and promised to return after the new year,  many celebrities revealed that they had also put some amount of money into the scheme. One of them was Mc Galaxy.
Many were taken by shock when Mc Galaxy took to his Instagram page to inform his followers  that he had invested 25million into the scheme.
Only few had faith that the money making scheme would return as promised,  a lot if Nigerians lost faith and only waited for January 14 with fear.
Apparently,  Mc Galaxy was one of those who was waiting but without faith. For why else would he wait until today to donate money to Emmanuel Ugolee who had been on the  sick bed for several weeks pleading for help and donation for a transplant ?
Putting two and two together,  it is obvious that the news of MMM's return came to Mc Galaxy as a surprise albeit a pleasant one.
Then and only then could he rush to the bank to take from his hidden savings and donate to charity.
The package of the money even shows that the singer has just been to the bank,  the black polythene bag tells the story.
All we can say is Emmanuel is one lucky man, who knows if Mc Galaxy would be making this donation if MMM had remained frozen!

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