Monday, January 9, 2017

Mercy Aigbe's New Look... What Do You Think?

Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe is unarguably one of the trend setters and top fashionistas of the entertainment industry.  Known especially for stepping on the red carpet  glamorously and also modelling her own stocks.
The actress has however taken a new step in the area of fashion. Some conservative fans might call it weird while the trendy ones will see it as the trend. 
Actress Mercy Aigbe chopped of parts of her hair.  The sides actually leaving the center from front to back. A popular mo hawk style. She also dyed the remaining hair a blonde color. 
Well, as you probably know, the style looks good on her,  her face remains cute and young.  But really we want to know what you think of her hairstyle.
Trendy or too much? 
For fans who have sworn to copy everything the actress does as far as fashion and style is concerned, will you still copy this. 
Well, long or short, blond or brunette, the CEO of MAGDivas looks chic. 

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