Sunday, January 29, 2017

Miss Universe 2017: With Steve Harvey as host, expect the unexpected!

Tonight is the grand finale of this year's edition of the Miss Universe pageant, a competition that brought over eighty beauty queens from all corners of the world to Philippines.

Last year's edition is still very fresh in the memory of all who saw it happen.
The host of the show Steve Harvey turned it to a very emotional one as he mistakenly crowned the wrong contestant.

Tonight, we expect the unexpected since Steve Harvey is still the host of the show.
Whatever happens, one if these leggy beauties will be crowned as Miss Universe.
Nigeri's Unoaku Anyadike is one of the contestants vying hotly for the coveted crown.

Arms are crossed patiently as we await the verdict of the judges and our votes.
Stay tuned!
Unoaku Anyadike
Miss Universe contestants

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