Sunday, January 15, 2017

Once Beaten, Twice Shy, Toke Makinwa Posts And Deletes Her Beau's Photo.

Media girl and YouTube star Toke Makinwa was obviously feeling so in love last night at an outing with her new love Seyi Kite. She couldn't help the feelings as she shared a particular loving photo of herself and her Beau.

The love in the picture could be physically touched as Seyi was looking right into Toke's eyes with looks that told us stories of love.
Surprisingly however, the popular new author deleted the photo before the congratulatory messages could start flowing in...
Naturally, we should wonder what made The Star radio girl have a change if heart. The photo wa beautiful, the camera caught her at a good angle, her hair line was perfect in the photo and she did not show too much cleavage.
Her Beau was even The Star of the picture, his look! So why did Toke remove the picture? Nerves? Cold feet? Or she was afraid of patronizing this particular relationship?
One other reason we can think of is the man. Her man. Maybe he likes his affairs private.
Luckily for you however, we got the photo and we are proud to show you Toke Makinwa's beginning of a new life!

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