Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I Think Tayo Sobola Knew A GWagon Was Waiting Outside! Others Thought So Too...

For those who do not know what a G Wagon is, for we use that word  loosely these days: a G Wagon is a luxurious  Benz SUV that can also be called a truck!
It's build is magnificent,  it has a masculine outlook but funny,  only the ladies can afford to drive one!
The last time I bought one(yes in future), before the recession that is, I got it for a whopping  N55million! Now,  add the he recession and the exchange  rate,  a brand new 2017 G Wagon would not just cost an arm and a leg but also a heart attack!

What am I driving at? This is it: When you are led out of your party to see the surprise waiting for you outside the venue,  of course you can guess it's a car but except you put it there yourself or you know of it,  you can't be as composed as Sotayo seeing a G Wagon.

I know she will say the recession has eaten deep into our brains and poverty makes us over excited even with the silliest and tiniest things,  but a G Wagon I insist is neither tiny or silly.

Even Billionaire daughter Cuppy screamed for joy and screamed to the high heavens, she even had a bullet proofed G Wagon before then.

Sotayogaga was too composed,  too calm,  too 'not excited'.
Even her fans did not buy the surprise part.

My take is: she knew what was waiting.  Either she got it herself or already told the 'unknown ' giver what she wanted.

All the same, drive safely dear Sotee...you have taste!!!

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