Monday, January 30, 2017

Professor Who Insulted Tuface Castrated With Words On Instagram.

A certain Professor from the University of Ife Akindele Adetoye this morning decided to interfere in the call for protest scheduled by some entertainers by attacking the forerunner with insults.

The Professor in a very insulting post called Tuface an illiterate who has no right calling out the government as his own house is not in order.
Professor Adetoye made a reference to Tuface's past, calling him an illiterate who sleeps around and litters the place with children and baby mamas. Charity begins at home, he blasts the father of seven.
The Professor apparently messed with one of Nigeria's most loved artiste, for even though the singer who barely reacts to back lashes did not respond, his fans from all corners have risen with a word or two for the insulting professor.
More than one celebrity also stopped for a second to contribute some insults for the Professor who many referred to as 'a fool' 'stupid' and an elder without sense.
If you want to get on the nerves of many Nigerians, it is easy, insult their own favorite celebrity like Tuface.


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