Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Soldiers beat fasting Redeemed pastor into coma for refusing to 'Frog-jump'

A Redeemed Christian Church of God pastor Alex Ochienu, has narrated how he was assaulted and beaten into a state of coma by two soldiers in Abuja for refusing to obey their frog-jump orders because he was fasting.
The cleric who is also engineer was on site supervising a construction at Paradise Estate, Abuja when the soldiers arrived with some officials of the Development Control Department and began to assault him and his workers.

Pastor Ochienu narrated how he was flogged severely with rifle butts and kicked him brutally in the stomach simply because he told them he was fasting and would not be able to do the frog jump punishment.

The engineer said that he pleaded severally with the soldiers, one Col. M. Dankwa and another whose name he did not catch, but they did not listen but continued to beat him until he collapsed and was rushed to the Gwarimpa General Hospital where he was admitted to the emergency unit.

Although the Soldiers have reportedly apologized to the Estate owners claiming it was a mistake, the cleric has said he would take legal action against the soldiers for the unlawful assault.

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