Friday, January 6, 2017

Something Big And Different Is Coming From Vocal King Timi Dakolo!

Singer Timi Dakolo has carved a niche for himself  in the Music Industry to be an R and B singer.
One thing we can't take away from the father of three lovelies is his vocal dexterity and his ability to send his voice on errands that please him.
This time Timi has sent his great voice on an errand that will shock us all.  Not new to love songs, but totally new to this flow and rhythm judging by the sound of the chorus we heard earlier today.

Needless to say, Mr.  Dakolo was again inspired by his muse who is none other than his pretty wife Busola  Dakolo and their three children.

Timi hinted that the new song would be ready next week and while you and I anticipate, this is what the chorus sounds like...
"Baby o baby,  you are like medicine to me you give me everything  I need."

You will agree that his inspiration  should get ready for a new video and this time we need some dance steps!

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