Monday, January 30, 2017

The Most Hurtful Thing Ever Said To Me... Singer Simi Confesses.

Talented and soft spoken singer Simi has revealed that she has also been a victim of social media trolls who throw hurtful comments without a care for the feelings of the artiste.
In a recent exclusive interview, the singer recalled the most hurtful thing ever said to her and quoted:

“Simi is the kind of person that would make expensive stuff look cheap.”

 According to Simi,  the comment was quite hurtful but she was quick to wave it off her mind and thought to herself that:
“The fact that someone says something does not make it true”.

Simi also confesses that she is a musician and not a fashionista, hence her music comes first, and if she would be judged at all,  it should be on music.

“I didn’t come into this industry as a fashionista or a fashion icon. I’m not a model, I’m not a fashion designer so if you come and attack that,.. I can learn and become better but I can’t feel bad because that’s not my talent. Do you understand? That’s not where I am selling.”  she said,  showing her indifference .

She accepts that she will be bothered if people take jabs at her music especially because of the effort she puts in to be better but she repeats that losing sleep over shots taken at areas that aren’t necessarily her strong point would never happen.

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