Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Story Of Habib The 'Fura' Seller Will Inspire You...

The man in the picture is Habib, a Hausa man living in Abuja who grew from making and selling Fura de nunu  a local yoghurt to having a super store of his own. 
It might not be a superstore in the real sense of the word, but it is indeed a huge change from where Habib was coming from. 

If you know what Fura de nunu is,  you would understand that it would have take a great determination, courage and hard work for Habib  to save and attain the heights he has attained. 

There is so much to inspire one in Habib's story especially  in this period of recession where everyone is looking up to one man or another for help...  It is inspiring  to know that some have taken hold of their futures and are painting it in bright colors without waiting for anyone. 

The most interesting  part is that despite having made some money from all indications, Habib has not forgotten how to make his Fura,  this time,  with NAFDAC approval! 

Habib is indeed an inspiration. From milking cows to owning a super store... 

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