Thursday, January 19, 2017

This is what happens when your MUA is destined to stop your shine.

For those who do not know, the art of make up is to beautify through the accentuation of natural features and at times, the enhancement of some features. This is the job of the MUA.

That is the major essence of painting the face. However, in the name of transformation some Make up artists go out of their way to turn their clients to victims!

This is how... A client subjects herself into your chair and hands and you brutally paint away her natural features, give her a total different look, and on top of it all, make her look less desirable! Isn't that wickedness.

Now, out of respect for you, your victim decides to leave the painted face only to become the object of mockery and ridicule on Instagram.

Whoever did this to Olajumoke our dear ex bread seller was not thinking of the judgement day.
That person was determined to stop her shine. For crying out loud, the before does not meet after at all! In fact, the before is scared of the after.

If a client enters your hot seat this pretty and stands up this botched, you deserve a subpoena.

In other words, this make up is a no-no. MUA, please take note.
If you can't make them more beautiful, leave them pretty. Thank you.


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