Tuesday, January 3, 2017

This MTN Ad Is The Driest Telecomms Advert In History: Who Agrees?

When a Telecom company launches a new advert,  somehow, it trends, if for nothing but for the beauty of the said advert.
MTN has given us some hot adverts in the past especially the Pulse advert that had Folarin Falana Falz.

That advert was loved by the young and old and it's still one of the best campaigns of the brand until this new callertunez bundle campaign that literally fell MTN's hand so to speak.

This advert had five music stars who are also MTN ambassadors, namely Chidinma,  Harrysong, Praiz, Skalez and Falz. Whoever was in charge of that advert did not do justice as these five artiste were portrayed as boring and untalented.

In order to thrill a fan who was already starstruck  as she saw them in their frozen state, they freestyled one of their hits.

However,  their mannequin challenge posture came out as boring and totally mechanical.  Even Falz the bad guy didn't  come out funny except for his wink. Chidinma sounded like she was being trained to sing and not the superstar that she is.

Seeing Falz initially raised our hopes, but the talented rapper and comedian could not bring life to the advert except for that tiny wink...
Apparently,  their stars were tampered with by the director of that shoot.  Instead of making them shine,  he or she killed their shines.
The Lady who was promised all five stars was not thrilled by them and had to fake it...

The advert is boring and lacks the life expected of a giant telecomms campaign. For no reason will this advert trend after this particular campaign,  unlike some adverts that remain in memory despite the dearth of the product.

Did MTN not see the advert  before pushing it?
One thing  is certain, when the callertunez  bundle expires, the advert expires with it for there is no reason to keep it in memory.  Even if we tried,  there would be nothing to hold on to: except maybe Falz's wink, even that is not enough.


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