Tuesday, January 10, 2017

This Trend Is Getting Irritating, Kcee Shows Off His Bagful Of Dollars

When the likes of 50cent and Floyd Mayweather began their popular and in fact notorious act of showing off cash on the social media, whetting the appetites of millions of fans, they probably never knew Kcee and Davido would beat them to it. 

Nigerian entertainers are now the next big thing when it comes to showing off cash.

Many times we have asked if it is their ways of telling us how rich they are and their responses to  us have always been 'shut up' or 'mind your business'.

A couple of weeks ago, in a country where millions are groaning under the blow dealt with them by hunger and recession,  Davido shamelessly showed off cash worth 50million on the social media.

Today Kcee shows off a Louis Vuitton bag full of dollars and still tells us to shut up!

People like Kcee will now come to Instagram and brag after dashing a fan 35K.

The truth is, we already know you make money in music and your other ventures, we don't need to see raw cash to believe you.
Thank you.

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