Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Toke Makinwa Gifts Another Begging Fan 10K

No matter what we think or how we feel about this,  the only place we can actually beg for money from our celebrities is via Instagram. Thank God for celebs like who always comply immediately.

Recently I talked on social media and the act of corporate begging, apparently,  it is the norm and we can only watch and celebrate those who succeed in getting attention and money.

So another fan got the sum of 10K yesterday from magnanimous  Toke Makinwa.  The fan named Oluwatobi begged the media girl to give him 6K and Toke Makinwa  who was probably in a very giving mood wrote "why not let's make it 10K...? "

She went on to get the fan's account details and sent the money.

Needless to say hundreds of other corporate beggars joined the queue and  asked for theirs.

Just wondering,  would it not have been nicer if Toke just got the account number  and send the amount she wished to send?

Just wondering though, why she didn't let the receiver come back to shout that he got 10k instead of 6...
But who are we to wonder?

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