Sunday, January 15, 2017

US Based Pastor Blesses Muyiwa Ademola With A Car And Money After Watching His Movie...

US based Man of God Apostle Tope Onileowo has blessed Nollywood actor Muyiwa Ademola with a brand new Toyota Corolla after watching the actor's hit movie ORI, which was produced 14 years ago.

The movie ORI subtitled as Destiny was produced fourteen years ago by Muyiwa Ademola. The movie while tragic was a nice one which was full of moral lessons.
According to Mr. Authentic, the man of God who only just saw the movie 4months ago confessed that the movie touched his life and the Lord laid it upon his heart to bless the producer with a certain amount of money.
It took a long time for Muyiwa who was in Nigeria to encounter the man of God who was waiting patiently for the day he would meet the actor. And when they did, he blessed Authentic with the money.
Few weeks after the gift of a car, God once again laid it in the pastor's heart to bless Muyiwa who is presently in Texas with a brand new car which he did.
The actor shared the news on his instagram page,  reiterating that the works of a man's hands will continue to bless him.

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