Thursday, February 2, 2017

Akpororo Faces Serious Heat For Raunchy Comedy Performance!

Whatever gospel singer and comedian Akpororo  was thinking when he mounted the stage to perform this joke, that thought has landed him in a big mess and left him short of fans.

The video of the talented comedian initiating a sexual move with a Unilag undergraduate has become a viral news leaving a taste of displeasure in the mouth of Nigerians.
Fans of the comedian are finding it hard to believe that he would perform such a distasteful joke, disrespecting his wife according to some and embarrassing a lady according to many.
The show which was held in Unilag had the comedian performing what is called 'dry humping' on a particular girl, something similar to what Akon did many years ago.
If the comedian is facing this much harshness from his fans, we can only imagine his beloved wife's reaction.
Whatever Akpororo was thinking, his fans did not like this joke and their comments say it all...
Watch the controversial video here

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