Friday, February 24, 2017

Chioma Akpota, The Nollywood Actress Who Has Successfully Kept Her Private Life Private!

Chioma Chukwuka Akpota might be a very popular face in Nollywood, known well in social media, face of many products, a talent with a great skill of acting...we are well aware of all these facts plus the fact that the actress is married with kids. One thing the actress has kept from us however is her marital life.

In this age when you could write a whole book about a celeb by just visiting her page in Instagram, Chioma has kept that part of her life hidden.
Her husband and children are not part of the prize she's willing to pay for fame and she has kept them in that private aspect of her life.
You won't find photos of her hubby it children all littered up on her page like many love to do.
Sometimes we don't even remember that the actress is a married woman.
She is one example of celebrities who have kept their private life away from the public view and we must say that this is quite commendable.
In fact,  we must advise others to borrow a leaf from Chioma Akpota, probably being away from the news keeps you away from disaster!

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Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly, so quiet about her life