Thursday, February 16, 2017

Echoes From The Past : 40 Days Of Slavery (End)

Asides these basic thing.
There was the bar, I took stock, became an expert on drinks. I was also in charge of buying drinks.

I was the cook. A guest could just wake up at 1am and complain of hunger. I had no choice but to feed!
Then I also had to write a sign a my forehead that I was not availabke for sex.

Men tried to pay me for sex too...

I made one friend. He came one day to have a drink and met me. He asked for a bottle of orijin... While I was rushing away to get it, he called me and asked if there were no bar tenders, I told him I was the bar tender...

He came every day from then, said he was in love with me... I only smiled. But I enjoyed his company and looked forward to the horn of his car. We would talk, he brought me and my baby stuffs, he talked to me. Everytime he came, he gave my child 2K. We became friends. I would sit with him as he drank his orijin.

One funny day.
A guy came in with a girl to book a room around 12am. I gave them the room and as I was heading back to my own room, the girl called me.
"hey, do you have CD?"

Mtcheew, I hissed silently and smiled up at her as I displayed my foolishness.
"We don't have CD, but all the rooms have TVs that are connected to the DSTV" I said with a customer friendly smile.

She looked at me as if I had just farted and the guy began to laugh...

She was irritated by my response, she couldn't understand if I was faking my ignorance, or just being petty.
"Gold Circle condom " she said and I blanched.
"No we dont have" I said
"please get me one" she said and began to open her purse. She was about 20 or 21.
"No I can't... It's past midnight. "
She looked up at me angrily and asked to speak with the manager.

Praise be!  I flexed my muscles proudly
and introduced myself as the manager, never mind that if she called for a cleaner, I'd still answer.
"What do you want me to do now?  Why won't you have CDs? "

The responses on my lips were far from professional so I just smiled and told her sorry.
In my mind, I told her to use a Polybag.

Why I didn't leave.
I had no one.
My family even had to send money to me once when my child needed drugs. I couldn't continue to depend on them. I decided to endure the hardship if I could at least by the basic things for myself and my child.

One weekend, a beautiful family arrived. Actually they came on a Thursday, and booked all my rooms all through the weekend. There was a wedding ceremony and they were lodging their guests. Even my room was sold out.
I moved to the kitchen.

It was the toughest week of my life.
Every night these people, about 62 all together would arrange the plastic chairs and tables and have fun into the early mornings.

"Hey, server!"
I ran from corner to corner serving drinks.
I cleaned up after them every morning, I cooked for them, I bought recharge cards for them, I boiled water for them if their heater malfunctioned, I was awake for three straight nights.

On Saturday night. The woman called me to her room.
"Bose, how are you?"
"Fine ma"

I was carrying my baby and she stretched her hand to relieve me of the bundle.
"I have never, ever seen a girl like you" she told me.
"My sons told me you are a graduate " I nodded.

"I want to thank you for taking care of us." she prayed for me and I began to cry. She She held me and told me I'd be fine. "you are not a lazy person and that is enough" she opened her fine bag and gave me 10K. I was speechless. I only sobbed on and mouthed the words I wanted to say.

They left the next day. His sons got my numbers and promised to stay in touch.
They bought all the drinks in my fridge, freezer and store.

When Coker arrived that afternoon he happily pocketed his money, walked to the bar and realized there were no drinks.
"Bose, what happened to the drinks"
"Sold" I told him
"So why haven't you restocked? "he asked
"My guests just left, and I have been busy cleaning all the rooms" I told him in case he was totally demented.
"That is not an excuse! I expect you to be proactive, you can't leave the bar empty! "he shouted and I lost it.
"I can leave the bar empty when I do not have a choice... " I told him

"Did it occur to you that I have worked 3 straight nights with no help from anyone?  And you are angry because the bar is empty on a Sunday? "

"I still think you should know better than let this happen." he said and I knew he was demented.

Few days later... My baby was on the bed. I was summoned by a guest at 1am.
I left to attend to this guest. An hour later, I returned to the room. I met my child on the tiled floor. A day before, I had scrapped the child's hair, so it was a bald head that landed on the floor.

I saw my baby on the floor. The tears on the little ones face had dried up, the baby was tired of crying.
I didn't know how long the poor child had been crying.
I didn't know how the little baby fell.
I will never forget how the wail went up as the child sighted me.

The bed was a high one.
I climbed it and threw myself on the floor hard, to see if I could feel the pain and take my baby's pain away.

I sprained my arm but I was not satisfied. I was chewing meat, I spat it out and cried as I rocked my baby. There were no signs of injury but I just couldn't get it off my mind.

I cried, cried, cried so much... And cursed.

The guest called again, asking for Heineken to be delivered to his room. I hissed and slammed the phone.

I left...

Hmm. Yes, I left...

Watch out for the next exciting Echoes!
Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

I hope this is fiction

Bose Bamidele said...

No it's not fiction.

Mowyore said...

And you just said it's not fiction. Oh. My. God!!

Toluwabori Alabi said...

Bose the great,you will get there dear.

Anonymous said...

Emotional story.Keep it up dearie. You are close, just keep keeping on. I'm rooting for you

Omobolarinwa said...

I tried fighting the tears flowing now but they are flowing profusely. May God always cover your nakedness.

Anonymous said...

Bose, who is the father of your baby.... or what am i reading... just reading this episode.... why do u suffer alone...

Bose Bamidele said...

Alive and well... And I wouldn't call that suffering sef... It's called hustling!