Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Harsh comments force Comedian Gordons to retract his words and apologize to Tuface.

Comedian Gordons has come under serious attack online after his comments about singer Tuface in an exclusive interview with Goldmynetv.

 The comedian in an insensitive remark called the singer an illiterate who would not be able to express himself verbally if given the opportunity to protest.

He lashed Tuface for trying to fight an unfamiliar battle with a tool he was not used to.

The video went viral instantly and fans of Tuface did not stop to think of the remark as either an insult or advise as they descended on the comedian angrily.

Some went as far as calling the comedian an upcoming act after many years in the industry. "You are the bigger illiterate" they lashed at him. It did not stop with fans, some celebrities also though Gordons had bitten more than he could chew.

This is a case of "touch not my anointed" as Tuface's fans and loyal friends forced the Comedian to an apology which he tendered this morning to the singer.

These comments are enough to make anyone eat his words.

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