Sunday, February 19, 2017

Has Laura Ikeji Finally Moved Out Of The Banana Island Mansion? Seems Not?

When a woman marries, the society expects her to move to her husband's home and begin a new life. Meaning, that photo backgrounds will change.

Fashion blogger Laura Ikeji got married last month to her long time lover Ogbonna Kanu but we are yet to see change of background and location in Laura Ikeji Kanu's beautiful photos.
While we totally love the Banana Island mansion backgrounds, the poolside, the totally gorgeous living room of Linda Ikeji and her bedroom, we still believe the new bride should now spend time with her darling husband.
Except, Mr. Ogbonna is away at the moment and Laura would rather stay with her family in a gorgeous mansion than stay with her husband's family.
If that's not the case and Laura has indeed moved in with her husband, the only other option is :.theres no background like the Banana Island background which is totally understandable except that Laura already signed the 'for better or worse' agreement.
All photos posted by the blogger and business woman since her marriage were either from her store or her former home.
Then there's a third option: maybe there would be a white wedding after all and Laura has to wait until after then before moving. Now, this is totally understandable.

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