Saturday, February 11, 2017

Like Seyi Shay like Swanky Jerry, what do you think of this fashion statement?

Singer Seyi Shay and celebrity stylist Jeremiah Ogbodo aka Swanky Jerry have been dishing out coordinated fashion statement and oozing class from South Africa in the last couple of weeks.

You could even mistake them from a couple... The stylist and the singer looked amazing in most of their styles but we have picked out this for your perusal.

Swanky Jerry has played with chiffon material to give this amazing result that looks kind of interesting as well as sassy on Seyi Shay.

The stylist also has a matching outfit, what do you think of this chiffon on Jeremiah Ogbodo. Some of his fans think it's too much. He could as well be wearing just pants... Lol.

From what we know about Swanky, nothing is too daring for the stylist...

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