Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Matters Of The Heart With La'bos: I Slept With My Ex, Should I Confess To My Boyfriend?

Not in my dreams, not in my wildest dreams not in my scariest mares did I see this happening to me... 
I have lived all of my adult years carefully, smartly reminding myself that one wrong step could cost me more than I was ready to give. 

Now I'm in this deep mess that I don't know how to fix... I strongly hope speaking out is a smart move for I ride greatly in smartness. 

My name is Busola a 29 year old lady from Kwara state. I work as a Secondary school teacher, (not what you're thinking really) one of the most expensive secondary schools in Lagos State actually as a Physics teacher. 

I earn good money and I am quite comfortable. 
My first relationship ended badly, I mourned the end for two years before I met Oladapo and I must confess that he restored my lost self esteem. 

My ex left me without words and for a long time I could not help but think of why he left. 

Since I met Oladapo, he helped me get myself back on track, I stopped thinking of my ex and concentrated on Dapo who happens to be everything plus more. 

Two months ago, I received a strange call. Not strange because it was an unfamiliar number, strange because it was a very familiar number... A number I spent sleepless nights hoping would call. 

My ex. Strangely, my adrenaline rush was shocking, I thought I had my heart fixed and he was out, but apparently he wasn't totally off my system. 

I answered the call and he wanted to see me. 

Not to prolong this, I quickly arranged a meeting and we met. We talked about so many things and he apologized for leaving and explained why he left. 

I must confess that after his words, I felt for him... I wished him well and left. 

I told Dapo nothing about this, until something happened a week later. My ex invited me on a date. Yes, I should have said no, should have refused, but I didn't. 

I painstakingly dressed up and rushed off to meet him. We had dinner at a nice cosy restaurant just like the old times but classier, he took me home and I invited him in. 

I won't bore you... We had sex. 

Then I realized what I felt was curiosity... He was out of my system, I felt really guilty... Very guilty that I actually pushed him out of my apartment. 

I realized I was totally Dapo's.

Funny thing is he hasn't stopped disturbing me. He claims he wants me back, he loves me, I'm his and all that. 
I'm so scared Dapo will here if this. 

My dilemma is, should I use my own mouth to tell Dapo of this great mistake or wait till he finds out. I know he will and I'm scared for what will happen. 

My ex is behaving like a possessed man now, he'll do anything... I think if I get Dali on my side we can fight this together and tell him off... 

Please help me... I know I have erred, but I don't want to lose Dapo. 


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Toluwabori Alabi said...

Curiousity kills the cat. You have to be sure Dapo is in the right mood before you tell him. But you must surely tell him sooner or later. Do not allow your desperate ex to do that. That may hurt Dapo more. God help you.