Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Toke Makinwa Dares Ex-husband And His British Attorneys As She Takes On Becoming To London!

Media girl and YouTube star Toke Makinwa us in the mood for some challenge as she takes her book tour to London despite warning from her ex husband and his attorney.

The radio girl received a law suit from the British attorneys of her erstwhile husband Maje Ayida restricting further production of publication of Toke's book On Becoming, and also ordered the destruction and retraction of the books already in circulation.
The letter which became a public property after it was published indicated that Yoke had seven days to follow the rulings of the suit.
Well, our dear Toke Makinwa has other plans, not only did she intensify her publicity, she is also on her way to London totally defying and daring Maje Ayida and his lawyers.
Is this about to get dirty? Or is Maje Ayida  a toothless bulldog? Let's just wait and see, British attorneys are quite patient...

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Toluwabori Alabi said...

Toothless bull dog with a generous sperm abi? Lol