Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Who else remembers Goldie... It's been Four years since she passed on.

Adebimpe Susan Goldie was one of Nigeria's finest female singers before she passed away sadly on February 14 2013.

The singer who was known majorly for her gold hair and her kind if music was also a softy at heart, something that was revealed during a reality show titled 'Golden Goldie'

Goldie had several hit singles that were actually popular tunes before her death even after. Her death was a shock to the entertainment industry, for the singer had been lively and full of health just days before her sudden death.

Goldie died in the arms of her beloved friend Derenle Edun who has not failed to remember her ever since.

It's been four years since this golden girl passed on, we remember her for so many things including her brief moment at Big Brother Africa Show.

Who else remembers Goldie?  What do you remember her for?

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Toluwabori Alabi said...

Her marriage, her death , still a mystery.