Thursday, March 16, 2017

Nollywood Actress Kemi Afolabi Loses Pregnancy After She Was Beaten Up By Thugs In Ikorodu

These are definitely sad times for Nollywood actress Kemi Afolabi and her husband going by this new report of a lost pregnancy after the Ikorodu episode.

A video clip of the actress being assaulted by some hoodlums in Ikorodu while shooting a new movie went viral days ago and according to industry sources, it was reported that the hoodlums attacked and beat up the actress for not giving them money.
What was not reported immediately was the fact that the actress was pregnant during this whole fracas.
After the incident the actress who had being hit on the stomach by the thug began to bleed profusely causing a stir before she was finally rushed to the hospital where it was gathered that the actress had lost her baby.
From all indications, the blow to her stomach had affected the fetus and triggered a miscarriage.
The husband of the actress is devastated by the news. Kemi Afolabi is presently recuperating in the hospital.

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