Monday, July 27, 2015

Beauty Of The Day: Featuring Tomi Salami

When you talk of Nigerian beauties, this diva is definitely one of them! An Ex-beauty Queen with not just a beautiful face but a drop-dead-gorgeous heart (in case there's nothing like that, please how do you describe that her heart is far more beautiful than her face?)
Tomi Salami, is an upwardly mobile individual who has earned a place with over 8 years of experience in the Entertainment, Fashion & Beauty industry nationally and internationally. She was Miss Tourism Nigeria 2012; is currently a TV Presenter, Founder of The Aurora Charity Foundation and the CEO of Aurora International. She has walked the runway as an ambassador for various African & International brands; come out tops at pageants around the world and has made Nigeria proud by winning top positions alongside other gorgeous international queens.

  She is a graduate of English with Professional studies in Brand Management, Fashion Events Planning, TV &Modeling Certifications from the Fashion Institute of Technology and Barbizon School of Modeling & Professional Development, New York, USA added to her educational profile.
She enjoys travelling, watching movies, charity work (See photos from her Kits For Kids educational initiative below) and calls herself an "unrepentant romantic" ;)

IG: @auroraint
Twitter: @tomi_pearl‎


YTD said...

That's my SULT. La'bos well done dear

Unknown said...

Beautiful, warm and super intelligent.

Secret Admirer said...

Love you, Tomi

Labos' Admirer said...

Wonderfully made!

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