Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wait, Governor Ambode Has Two Dames?

Titi Ambode
Not that I want to start with aproko o, but this is just too juicy to let go. I have just heard with one ear that the amiable and fashion conscious Governor of Lagos (no, not Fashola) Akinwunmi Ambode has more than a wife!
In fact, the reports have it that the newly sworn in governor has other children by the second woman!
The first product of the Ambode and Titilayo’s union is a young teenage boy named Opeoluwa Ambode who also has a younger sister called Tobilola Ambode.

According to the information gathered by yours truly, the beautiful second wife whose name is Titilayo Yombo-Ambode celebrated a lavish 40th birthday party last weekend, a day which incidentally is her son's birthday too.

As for me, I don't know o, but I was able to gather that Ambode married Titi when his marriage to the first lady did not initially yield 'fruits'
It is worth of note that Ogudu GRA was surrounded by not less than 50 armed security men comprising of Police, Mobile Police, SSS and private security personnel on the order of the new Lagos citizen. The biggest guest at the event is the governor’s mother, Mrs. Christiana Ambode, who described the birthday girl as ‘a woman more than a wife to the Ambode family’.

For those of you who are already thinking of calling the first lady, sorry to spoil it for you, but its no news to her actually, she is fully aware!

Titi's photo credit-OurExclusive

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