Monday, September 28, 2015

Journalists Are Among The Worst People I Know - Donald Trump

He is preaching, isn't he? A lot of people actually share his sentiments, but I don't, Journalists are among the best people that I know.
The outspoken Billionaire US Presidential candidate apparently has no love for the media.

During a Sunday interview with Scott Pelley on 60 Minutes, the GOP presidential candidate said some of the media are "among the worst people I've ever met."

"I mean a pretty good percentage is really a terrible group of people," Trump said. "They write lies, they write false stories. They know they're false. It makes no difference. And frankly I don't call it thin-skinned, I'm angry"

Trump said he has no problem with "fair" stories that paint him in a bad light, but for the most part, that has not been happening on the campaign trail, he said. 

"Again, if people say things that are false which happens a lot with me — if people say things that are false I will fight, like, harder than anybody," Trump said. "If I do something wrong, and that happens, and they write a fair story that I did something wrong, there's nothing to fight about. I can handle that. I don't like lying. You know, I'm a very honorable guy."

Last week, Trump blasted multiple publications and reporters for their coverage of his campaign. 

As for running for president, Trump said he didn't choose to run, it chose him.

"I didn't want to do this," Trump said. "I just see our country as going to hell. And I felt I had to do it."

Source: THR

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