Monday, September 28, 2015

Lyrical La'bos: 266 Days (Poetry)

Of Joy and Pain
Of Anguish and Anxiety
Of Tears and Sweat
Of Breathlessness and Sleeplessness
Of Despair and Desperation.
Of Waiting and Hoping
Of Wishing and Praying

Of trying to stand straight despite protests from weak
Of holding tightly to sanity lest it is lost in the throes of
serious heartburns
Of fighting insomnia and loosing
Of being defeated by partial amnesia
Of feeling like a football pitch
Of wincing when a goal is missed
Of whimpering when one is scored.
Of wishing all was quiet
Of wanting to be rubbed and soothed
Of fighting tears of helplessness and hopelessness.
Of dreaming...
Of seeing cherubic faces
Of hearing seraphic voices
Of wishing the day would soar and let another come
Of facing up when you'd rather face down.
266 days
Of joining hands with the Creator in the creation of
for all Mothers!

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