Saturday, September 26, 2015

Lyrical La'bos: Fulfilment; A Mirage

With surprising agility and very little
caution, he dove into the cool pool and stroked beautifully away...

One would think he had eyes on an olympic medal, he swam to the end of the pool and leisurely swam back, giggling like a school kid when he caught
me watching.
He winked and I smiled. He went beneath the water again and playfully swam for ten more minutes showing more skills than a dolphin...then he climbed out of the pool.

He walked towards me and since I didn't have company, he sank beside me.
"That was so refreshing" He said opening a light conversation and giving
me a look over.
" You are a bad swimmer" I said and he saw the open devotion in my eyes
and got my meaning. He laughed lightly.
"I grew up in the water, well, you know what I mean, I love to swim..."

I nodded in understanding.
"Do you swim?" He asked and lifted his brows like he wanted us to compete or something...
"No, I only love to watch swimmers but I'm too scared to try"
To him, I had grown seven heads!
"That's odd! This is the most refreshing sport and exercise I know. You should learn"
"I'm not kidding, some minutes ago, I thought I was going to die.
Seriously, if I had gotten here a couple of minutes later than I did, I
don't know, I'd probably be dead"

His vehemence caught me offguard and I stared at him.
"Huh?" I mouthed
"I was so hot, the air was stale, i needed to be refreshed and nothing
could give me that fulfilment except a dive into a deep cool pool."
"And did you get it?" I queried, sitting up and anticipating his response.
"What?" He asked me
"Fulfilment" I said
"Yes, I did... I feel refreshed, I feel light, I feel---"
"Fulfilled?" I put in
"Well, yes...fulfilled" He said wiping his brows! I looked at him and he was sweating lightly again, I thought to myself
'sweetheart, you should
live permanently in the deep cool pool, beneath the water, there you will find permanent fulfilment' To him, I said
"Are you sure?"

He pondered over it and wiped his sweaty brows again
"Okay, fulfilment is a big word, let's just say swimming gives me pleasure"
I gave him a full smile and lightly touched him
"You are right. Fulfilment is a very big word, an abstract as a matter of fact"

What gives you fulfilment?
What do you think would make you fulfilled on this earth?
What is a perfect life to you?
Why do you strive and still feel void after a big achievement?
Why isn't your wealth enough?
Why has your career failed to make you fulfilled?
Why don't you find your spouse as attractive as before after pursuing him/her so hotly?
We can be satisfied, contented, pleased, sated, pleasured,
but can I beat my chest, stand on a high hill and say "I AM FULFILLED"

My question is, Can Man find FULFILLMENT here?
03:40pm, Mon 02-09-2013

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